Siklósi Italian Riesling 2023


2,300 Ft / 0.75l
Egységár: 3,066 Ft liter

CLASSICUS dry withe wine with protected designation of origin of VILLÁNY – PDO Villány made from 100% italian riesling grapes.

Date of harvest: 14,12,07, September, 2023

Production of this wine is characterized by chemical-free, organic grape growing, 107 cwt/ha output and manual harvesting.
It is a very light and fresh, reductive wine. The wine is produced using exclusively natural ingredients, free from any animal substances (vegan).

It features a very special and decent aroma, combining the fruitiness of Blue Frankish and the deep, more ripe character of Merlot.
The content is luscious, full with flavors, vibrant with vivid acidity and tight, crystal clear construction.

Its flavor has a light finish with fresh raspberry notes.
Suggested drinking temperature is between 9-10 ‘C.

Grapes: 100% italian riesling grapes
Alcohol content:11,5 % vol
Acidic content:5,9 g/l
Sugar content:0,7 g/l
ETotal extracts:20,2 g/l
Drinking temperature:9-10 °C
Bottle:750 ml (1 üveg)


Szőlőfajták:100 %-ban olaszrizling 

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