Villányi Kikerics 2022


3,000 Ft / 0.75l
Egységár: 4,000 Ft liter

CLASSICUS dry red cuvée wine with protected designation of origin – PDO Villány

  • Made from 50% Blue Frankish and 50% Merlot grapes.
  • Kikerics is the winery’s lighter, basic red wine, a so-called “bistro wine”.
  • Date of harvest: 21, 15 September, 2022

Chemical-free, organic grape growing and manual harvesting with 124 cwt/ha crop control feature the production of this excellent wine. Only natural additives are used during wine processing that are completely free from any animal substances (vegan). It is made by micro-oxygenation which means that fresh, clean oxygen is added to the barrel in a low but steady volume in the course of 6 months, resulting in softer tannins, deeper tones, zesty cuvée notes and a wonderful integration of aromas.

The wine features a fair shade of ruby with purple reflexes. We can sense the aromas of early red fruits, cherry juice, raspberry and sour-cherry and taste flavors of vanilla, subtle notes of sweet spices, cloves and nutmeg. When tasting this wine, we enjoy a fresh, tight, silky flavor with scant rounded tannins, medium alcohol content, modern and youthful aromas with fine acids, combined with an exuberant fruity character. Suggested drinking temperature is between 13-14 ‘C, slightly chilled.

“This is an elegant but still exciting, easy to drink superb gastro wine that I can even recommend for daily consumption at friendly gatherings and barbecue parties.” – Riczu Tamás

Origin of the name of the wine:
The denomination “Kikerics” (colchicum hungaricum) is a symbol of protection of provenance, indicating the protection and authenticity of Villány wines. Kikerics is an ancient flower, growing on the southern hillside of Szársomlyó in the Villány Wine Region that is rewarding warm weather with blooming so early.

From year to year, with this wonderful light red wine we wish to demonstrate our respect for our wine region and to express our strong commitment to quality winemaking.

KIKERICS, the ancient FLOWER of the Hungarian flora and fauna is PROTECTED, similarly to the origin and character of Villány wines as national treasures of Hungarian winemaking.

Grapes: 50% Blue Frankish and 50% Merlot grapes
Alcohol content:12,5 % vol
Acidic content:6,2 g/l
Sugar content:1,6 g/l
ETotal extracts:27,7 g/l
Drinking temperature:14-15 °C
Bottle:750 ml (1 üveg)


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