Villanyi Muscat Ottonel 2020

Villanyi Muscat Ottonel 2020 "New wine"

Vinery price:

1 800 Ft / 0,75l

Unit price 2 400 Ft / liter. Prices are gross prices

  • Dry CLASSICUS white wine of protected designation of origin of Villany - PDO Villany
  • It is exclusively made from muscat ottonel grapes.
  • Date of harvest: August 26. 2020.
  • Alcohol content: 11,5 %
  • Sugar content:  2,6 g/l
  • Acidic content:  6,1 g/l
  • Total extracts:  20,7 g/l

Chemical-free grape growing, timed, early manual harvesting and reductive technology mark the production of this wine.
This popular wine has a very typical purebred scent of muscatel. In addition to the dominating aromas, released from the fresh grape, the wine has an intense scent of perfume, rose and coriander twinned with strong notes of aromas and taste.
Due to its superb soft acids we can enjoy a light and fresh sip.
In the course of processing only natural components are used that are free from any animal
substances (vegan).
Suggested serving temperature is between 10-11 ‘C, well cooled as an aperitif with fish, poultry and white meat dishes. For ladies it might be a sweet wine alternative.