Villányi Frizzante 2022

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2,500 Ft / 0.75l
Egységár: 3,333 Ft liter

White sparkling wine with protected designation of origin of Villány – PDO Villány

  • Made exclusively from Muscat Ottonel grapes.
  • Date of harvest: 16 August, 2022
  • Number of bottles made: 2140

Chemical-free grape growing, timed, early manual harvesting and reductive technology features the production of this wine. The popular sparkling wine has a very typical purebred scent of muscatel. In addition to the dominating aromas, released from the fresh grape, it has an intense scent of perfume, rose and coriander, twinned with strong notes of aromas and flavors.

Due to its superb soft acids it is characterized by a light, fresh sip. In the course of processing, only natural ingredients are used that are free from any animal substances (vegan).

Frizzante is suggested to serve at 6-8 C. The ideal temperature is achieved through pre- cooling. It is also recommended to store the bottle this way both on short and long term. After opening, frizzante is supposed to sit in a wine cooler filled with the mixture of ice and water to avoid a twofold temperature increase that usually occurs already in about half hour at room temperature.

Grapes:100 % ottonel muskotály szőlőből készült
Alcohol content:11 % vol
Acidic content:5,3 g/l
Sugar content:6,4 g/l
ETotal extracts:23,9 g/l
Drinking temperature:6-8 °C
Bottle:750 ml (1 üveg)


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