Villány Wine Region, Akasztófa dűlő


Riczu Tamás Winery is located on Akasztófa dűlő in Siklós in the middle of the famous Villány wine region.

The winery is family-operated on a 7 acre area, producing blue frankish, merlot, cabernet franc, cabernet sauvignon and Italian riesling grapes, using a highly conscious, chemical-free and environmentally friendly viticulture.

Riczu’s wines are made exclusively from natural, vegan components in an annual volume of 40-50 thousand bottles, all branded as classicus, premium and super premium with protected designation of origin of Villany.

In addition, the winery is performing contracted wine cultivation, processing and bottling for other winemakers of the region, using modern, state-of-the-art machinery under the professional management and supervision of Riczu Tamás.

Riczu's wines are sold by retailers, wholesalers and caterers in Hungary but they are also available for tasting and purchasing in our winery in Siklós.

Our premium wines are also available in smaller quantities in high-class restaurants in Austria, Switzerland, England, the Czech Republic and some Northern-European countries.

Basic philosophy of the winery:

We stand for promoting responsible wine drinking and producing quality wines, thus showing the world that Hungary has fantastic wine regions and superb wines.

We are committed to leave a healthy, livable environment behind. This is our task and mission for life.

Satisfied customers are our greatest source of pleasure and also the perfect proof that we are on the right path.

We should always choose good wines and drink moderately!

Villány Wine Region

Hungary's most reputable and highly developed wine producing area as it is the country's warmest and sunniest Southern Transdanubian territory, covering 2600 acres of vineyards. The warm sub-mediterranean climate of the area provides ideal conditions for wine growing that is a key component to the success of the region.